What is it?

SyncMan permits synchronization between JamMan loopers and most rythm boxes and sequencers.
No more imprecisions when pressing the pedal, no more loop shifting after some bars.
Your recorded loops will definitly stay in rythm.

How does it works?

When the MIDI or Korg/Clock input receive a straight pulse, SyncMan convert and transmit it thru JamSync output.
Your JamMan will wait the start of your rythm for recording or playing a loop.

Samples of use:

With what?

Input :

  • Every sequencer or rythm box with Midi output and Midi clock ability ( also called midi sync/midi beat )
  • Korg devices with synchronization output on mini-jack : Volca Beats, Volca Bass, Volca Keys, SQ1, Monotron....
  • A sequencer with à CV/Gate output (see FAQ)
  • A square clock signal (idem)

Output :

  • Digitech JamMan serie XT : Express XT, Solo XT, Vocal XT.