Working with loopers, sequencers, rythm boxes... need all these devices to share the same precise clock to get in perfect syncro. 

Using MIDI is a good solution but some recent compact devices doesn't support it, particularly Digitech JamMan XT series.

So, here comes SyncMan! It use MIDI syncronization or external Clock ((TTL, CV, Korg synchro...) and keep your JamMan(s) in perfect sync with them.


NEW : For SyncMan informations and support please follow



Syncronize Digitech JamMan XT loopers with External Clock : CV signal, TTL clock or Korg sync system ( exemple Volca Beats, Volca bass, Volca Keys, Monotron, SQ1 etc...)

Syncronize Digitech JamMan XT loopers with MIDI devices : hardware sequencers, DAW, beatbuddy pedal...

Firmware upgrades are possible by MIDI link.


Thanks to Xavier Mussat for his drawing.

 Price : 108 Euros TTC + 11€ worldwide shipping

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